Ramen recipes, videos & various other resources

I have started to compile a list of interesting ramen resources I find while searching around on google and youtube.

I got the idea while I was recently looking for japanese recipes on youtube for shio (塩ダレ), shoyu (醤油ダレ) and miso (味噌ダレ) tare.

Even though a lot of these videos are in Japanese there are so many little golden nugets and clues you can pick up just from watching them.

This will be a living post and I will updated it with more resources as I find them, so you bookmark this post and check back regularly.


Reddit has a very active ramen forum and a number of greate recipes from Ramen_Lord (Mike Satinover)

General Ramen Videos

A collection of interesting ramen related videos.

Umami Theory

Noodle Theory

Tare recipes

Shio tare recipes (塩ダレ)



Shoyu tare recipes (醤油ダレ)
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Miso tare recipes (味噌ダレ)
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Ramen Youtube Channels

This a list of channels that I have found some good ramen related content on.


Instragram Accounts

Me of course ;) hehe @moreramen

There are so many great IG accounts to follow, here are just a few. I will be adding a lot more!

  • @Ramen__Lord
  • @goramen
  • @scottlachapelle
  • @pokopokoramen
  • @matsudairamen
  • @wayoframen
  • @nichijou.ramen
  • @cooperkoop